Dampflex Reo

An internally reinforced acrylic membrane which negates the use of conventional reinforcement at wall/floor junctions and areas to be waterproofed.
Waterproofing of shower recess/wet areas.
· Can also be used to waterproof terraces and balconies
Features & Benefits:>

Dampflex Reo`s formulation reduces costs through faster application, reduced materials costs, and faster drying time, providing earlier access to following trades.
· Dampflex Reo`s visible reinforcement provides confident application, without the need for conventional reinforcement.
· Dampflex Reo`s visible reinforcing and advanced formulation provides an accelerated drying rate enabling same day re-coating and earlier access to the following trades.
· Dampflex Reo`s visible reinforcement contributes to a non-slump, high film build over bond breakers and provides faster, more economical installation.
· If desired Dampflex Reo can be additionally reinforced with Davco Lag-Seal at wall/floor junctions.
· Dampflex Reo is a water based environmentally friendly product, providing reduced effects to the health of applicators and localised tradesman.
· Dampflex Reo has excellent bleach resistance, allowing it to be used in showers, for domestic and commercial applications.
· Dampflex Reo has been CSIRO appraised, enabling it to be used on all Local, State and Federal Government jobs.