Epoxy Grout
Davco Epoxy Grout is a three part, general purpose, water clean-up epoxy system, for grouting most types of ceramic tiles in demanding environments. It consists of epoxy resin, epoxy hardener and a selected coloured grout.


  • Used for internal or external wall and floor grouting of ceramic tiles, in demanding environments
  • Epoxy Grout can be used in commercial areas such as dairies, breweries, food processing plants, hospitals, public toilets, commercial laundries and kitchens

Features & Benefits:

  • Epoxy grout can be cleaned up with water whilst it is wet
  • Significantly improves the stain resistance of cementitious grouts
  • Ideal for both interior and exterior applications
  • Epoxy grout has high strength
  • Being chemical resistant epoxy grout can be used in a variety of commercial applications where chemical resistance is required
  • Epoxy grout can be used on both wall and floor applications