F1 Express
F1 Express is a one-part, rapid set, polymer modified, flexible tile adhesive, designed to withstand thermal, vibrational and shrinkage movement in the substrate.


  • F1 Express can be used on walls and floors, in interior and exterior applications
  • F1 Express is recommended for the fixing of the following tile types: ceramic tiles, glass mosaics, fully vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stones, with the exception of moisture sensitive stones such as green marble and reconstituted marble
  • Dries to a grey colour. When using F1 Express with translucent/absorbent tiles, the colour of the adhesive must be considered to avoid discolouration problems

Features & Benefits:

  • Rapid setting – ready to accept traffic and be grouted, sooner than normal adhesives
  • One-part, flexible tile adhesive – ideal for tiling onto surfaces subject to movement and vibration such as fibre cement sheeting, gyprock plaster and particular timber substrates
  • Reduces sound transmission – suitable for use in adhering tiles over Sound Zero Underlay
  • Excellent adhesion – suitable for adhering tiles to a wide variety of surfaces, including Davco liquid applied waterproofing membranes and other acrylic membranes
  • Water-resistant bond – ideal for use in areas exposed to moisture (but not permanent immersion)
  • Interior/exterior, wall and floor applications