Sanitized® Glue Grout

Davco Sanitized® Glue Grout, is a white premixed, acrylic based, flexible, thin bed, internal wall tile adhesive.

  • As an Adhesive:
    • Can be used for thin bed fixing of most types of porous ceramic and marble wall tiles
    • Sanitized® Glue Grout can be used to lay tiles on concrete, cement render, plasterboard and fibre cement walls
  • As a Grout:
    • Excellent for grouting small areas of internal wall applications, but only for application`s involving less than 0.5m²
    • Only can be used in grout joints in between 1mm and 3mm wide
    • When grouting larger areas, it is recommended that Davco Sanitized® Colorgrout or Liquid grout be used

Features & Benefits:

  • Flexible adhesive which can accomodate movement in the building boards
  • Being white in colour it can be used to lay marble and translucent ceramic tiles without the risk of the adhesive colour showing through