Supamastic is a white, acrylic based, non slump, quick grabbing, flexible, interior, thin bed, mastic wall and floor tile adhesive.Uses:

  • Used for interior wall and floor tiling installations only
  • Can be used for thin bed fixing of tiles directly onto fibre cement sheeting, plasterboard and rendered walls, as well as timber floors, with a correctly installed fibre cement sheet tile underlay
  • Supamastic when used on floors areas is only suitable for light domestic trafficked areas
  • Can be used to fix most types of porous ceramic and marble wall and floor tiles, particularly light coloured marbles, but with the exception of green marble
  • Must not be applied directly over any timber or concrete floors
  • Suitable for adhering porous tiles over Davco waterproofing membranes for walls only

Features & Benefits:

  • Non slump – Saves you considerable working time!
  • Long open time – Easier to use! Ability to trowel out a larger area of adhesive without fear of the adhesive skinning
  • Long repositioning time (adjustability). The tiler has more time to move the tile into the correct position before the adhesive sets
  • Highly flexible – Supamastic has superior flexibility and will easily accomodate the movement and vibration experienced in installations using flexible building boards
  • Excellent coverage – Saves money! Supamastic allows you to get 10% more from the pail compared with competing mastic adhesive