Super TTB

Super TTB is a premium grade, thick or thin bed, cement-based adhesive, specifically formulated to produce an extra high strenth bond for the fixing of tiles onto rigid substrates.


  • Can be used on both walls and floors, in interior and exterior applications
  • Fix tiles onto concrete, cement renders/screeds, blockwork, rendered brickwork and particular waterproofing membranes
  • Recommended for the thin or thick bed fixing of all typoes of ceramic, mosaic, fully vitried, porcelain, terracotta, slate, quarry, granite and marble tiles, with the exception of light coloured or green marbles
  • When using iwht translucent/absorbent tiles, the colour of the adhesive must be considered

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides a high bond strength allowing it to be used to lay dense tiles such as porcelain
  • Being cement based, Super TTB is economical and easy to use – just add water