Tradeflex Powder & Liquid

Tradeflex is a premium two part, flexible, thin bed, tile adhesive, designed to withstand normal vibration/movement in the substrate, where conventional adhesives set too rigid.

  • Can be used on both walls and floors, in interior and exterior applications
  • Tradeflex may be used to fix tiles onto plasterboard, fibre cement sheeting, timber floorboards, structural composition board or marine grade ply, concrete, cement renders/screeds, brickwork, blockwork, old ceramic tiles and particular waterproofing membranes
  • For treated timbers, hardwood timbers or timbers which exude resins/tannins, initially install a fibre cement sheet tile underlay
  • Tradeflex is recommended for the thin or thick bed fixing of all types of ceramic, mosaic, fully vitried, porcelain, terracotta, slate, quarry and granite tiles
  • When using Tradeflex with translucent/absorbent tiles, the colour of the adhesive must be considered, so as to avoid discolouration problems

Features & Benefits:

  • Two-part flexible adhesive designed especially for tiling onto resilient surfaces such as fibre cement sheeting, gyprock plaster and particular timber substrates
  • Ideal over timber floors
  • Will absorb vibration and reduce sound transmission
  • Will accommodate movement within the substrate
  • Easy to use – 2 to 1 mix
  • Off-white in colour – allowing Tradeflex to be used with a wide variety of tile types where the colour of the adhesive is a consideration
  • Multiple pack sizes