White One Pot

White One Pot is a white, acrylic based, flexible, pre-mixed, interior, thin bed, wall tile adhesive.


  • Can only be used for interior wall tiling installations
  • Used for thin bed fixing of tiles directly onto fibre cement sheeting, plasterboard and rendered walls
  • Fix most types of types of porous ceramic and marble wall tiles, particularly light coloured marbles, but with the exception of green marble
  • When using White One Pot with translucent/absorbent tiles, the colour of the adhesive must be considered
  • White One Pot must not be used on floors or over waterproofing membranes

Features & Benefits:

  • Premixed – ready to use!
  • No need for messy mixing making White One Pot very easy to use
  • White in colour so there is no show through in the grout joint
  • Perfect for bathroom, kitchens and laudry walls